The Wizard Keynotes

In Person or Specially Tailored for Online

Great talks should entertain, inspire, and convey unique information. Information your people can use to lift the level of what they do. Your speakers should make your life as a booker easier. As long time professionals at the top of the entertainment industry, our speakers know what it takes to put on a great show, and their talks do just that. Each one has insights from their long careers and studies that your listeners won't find anywhere else.


Magic is the art of transformation, but not all magicians are true wizards. What's the difference? The wizard is more interested in changing the world using the techniques and principles he or she has learned from years of experience.


Not just entertainers, but directors, producers and operators of many of their own businesses through the years, combined with their expeirence helping others as teachers, directors and consultants, these speakers understand what it takes to make your job as producer or event planner easier and more enjoyable. We always do our best to be your go-to solution, and never your problem.

Power Presenter Talks & Workshops

Don't risk your investment of time, ideas and money in your new enterprise just because you can't deliver a purposeful, persuasive and entertaining pitch!

Even the most brilliant visionaries have to learn how to present their projects persuasively & with power.

Whether your present online or live and in person, you--and your message--will be judged by your presence and your professionalism.


Join Tobias Beckwith, author of The Wizard’s Way to Powerful Presentations, and learn the secrets of top performers on Broadway and in Las Vegas,  TED talks and international conferences in this transformational workshop. Whether this is your first pitch or your 100th, we can help you make it better, and you'll have a great time doing it!


You will learn to:

  • Conquer your fear of speaking
  • Command any audience's attention
  • Articulate and communicate your vision with power
  • Impress and entice investors and potential clients
  • Make and close sales with confidence
  • Use the tools of your venue, whether that's a stage or screen, to deliver your message effectively

Much more than a sales or acting course, The Wizard’s Way  Power Presenting Workshop will make sure you learn to tell your story in a way that makes people want to invest in your vision.

This workshop is an interactive opportunity to learn, practice and perfect the skills you need to communicate your vision. We create a safe environment for taking risks and learning to connect persuasively and without fear. You can even take advantage of our expertise after the workshop through online video sessions to hone your skills and offer continuing feedback for as long you need.

We can offer this workshop intensive in your own space, using the tools your founders and staff will use when pitching their companies, or in a suitably equipped space we arrange convenient to your place of business.

Five intensive sessions, in a small group of 10-20 people is all it will take for you  and your team to go from fearful to fantastic!


The Magic Mindset

Remember when you were in school, and there was one teacher whose class you couldn't wait to get to?  One whose lessons you still remember to this day, because he or she was so impassioned about the subject that they sparked the same passion in you?  Can you remember the fun you had with that teacher because, though they were completely serious about their subject, they didn't take themselves too seriously, and weren't afraid to have fun with the class?  Jeff McBride is just that kind of speaker and teacher.

Though most widely known for his work as a performer on television, in casinos and at theaters and arts festivals worldwide, McBride is also a distinguished speaker and teacher.  He has presented talks on a wide array of subjects at venues from The Smithsonian Institute, the Creative Problem Solving Institute as well as on PBS and The Learning Channel.

An expert not only on the subject of magic and magical thinking, McBride also speaks authoritatively on creativity and on the relationship of esoteric and magical thinking and practice to modern society.  He has traveled the world for over three decades, and brings a multitude of stories, ideas and magic from cultures around the globe.  McBride's lectures generally combine magical performance, humor and lots of audience interaction.  Audiences leave not only educated, but entertained.

He is an accomplished event facilitator and teacher who, amongst other pursuits, runs the world's premiere school for professional magicians.

This event is offered as either a keynote talk or a 3 hour workshop. Learn more here.

The Wizard's Way Leadership Workshops

The Wizard Leader need not be in the top position in an organization to provide effective leadership. In fact, the best, most effective organizations have multiple wizard leaders helping them move forward. True wizards are those wise souls who understand the clear purpose of their organization, and take on the responsibility of making sure that purpose is met.

Characteristics of the true wizard--true world changes all--are an eagerness to learn through experience, and ability to examine every situation from many different perspectives, the development of their own meta-skills, and a willingness to take on radical personal responsibility to create a desired outcome. Titles, credit and the other usual acoutrements of power mean little to the true wizard, whose satisfaction comes from their ability to get seemingly impossible jobs done, often with the minimum of apparent effort.

Do you want true wizards in your organization? Imagine having innovators like Leonardo da Vinci, or social leverage experts as effective as Mohandas Gandhi or Martin Luther King, Jr. as part of your team. We can teach and train them in our special experiential workshops. Think of them as Hogwarts for the entrepreneurial set.

Wizard Adventures to Build Your Team

Organizations, both large and small, are made of people who come from widely varying backgrounds. One of the great problems of building and maintaining any organization is how to create a strong culture for that organization? There are hundreds of books and articles pointing out the importance of creating such a sense of belonging when it comes to creating truly sustainable, successful companies and organizations. But how do you do that?

Here are a couple that we've created which have had particularly notable results:


Learn to do the Impossible!


The McBride Magic & Mystery School  is the world's foremost institution for teaching magic. It's faculty have taught workshops and lectured all over the world. Top magicians come from countries around the globe to study at the school's home in Las Vegas. The art of magic -- of doing the impossible--provides a number of lessons that are perfect for team-building, and for creating a culture around your new products. Learning principles of story creation together is one. The art of consciously directing the attention is another. The ability to see things from multiple perspectives -- in magician's terms, the difference between effect and method -- is yet another. Learning to keep a secret is a powerful one. All of these and much more are included in "Learn to do the Impossible," our special event created with and hosted by teachers from the McBride School.

One can learn tricks anywhere, but the ability to create a community around this learning, to convey more than just how a trick is done, and to create real magical experiences when you present those tricks--that is unique to our program. It is that special ability to create a truly magical experience which causes our students, time and time again, to tell us, "You've changed my life."

We have found this kind of experience to be not only highly entertaining, but a great aid to increasing what, for lack of a better term, we might call "team spirit."

The Wizard's Team Spirit Séance


Have you ever seen a ghost? Are spirits real? We don’t have a definitive answer to that, but we do know that your team has a spirit, and sense of community, and that attending one of our The Wizard's Team Spirit Séances together is a great way of building that spirit! When people experience of the uncanny, the spooky and the supernatural--in short, the extraordinary-- they often find they form deep personal bonds beyond their normal, everyday working relationships. These bonds can be extremely beneficial for the performance of the team as they are called upon to innovate and exceed their own expectations together.

Our séances provide opportunities beyond the merely spooky. The safe and playful environment we create encourages participants to share fully in the experience, and respond just as they might with friends and family present.

The séance environment can be adjusted to fit different spaces and numbers of participants. We can even sometimes include a particular message our clients want to have their guests experience on a more profound level than a regular presentation might do.

The entire event is presented with a light, entertaining air of "let's make believe." Snacks and beverages are shared during breaks throughout the evening, and discussion during the breaks is encouraged. Your group is sure to leave having grown much closer through the sharing of the whole experience...and to have had a fantastic and entertaining evening in the bargain!

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